Wedding over 100 meteres underground

My wedding in Poland

Pronounce your ceremonial “I do” 135 metres below ground level!

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a pearl amongst the most beautiful sites in Poland. Situated only 24 km from the famous Old Market Square in Kraków, it is a must-visit place on the tourists’ map from all over the world.

The Mine’s perfect location is also distinctive – it is situated only 26 km from the Kraków-Balice international airport. Wieliczka boasts extensive accommodation facilities, with Grand Sal Hotel, just a few steps away from the mine itself, topping the list.

The Salt Mine is an exceptional venue for your dream wedding. There are 7 chambers here, ideal to hold a civil or Protestant wedding ceremony, and throw a lavish wedding reception. In two chapels it is also possible to organise a Catholic Church wedding.


  • Registration fees for wedding ceremony at the Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • An English-speaking wedding consultant’s assistance with gathering all necessary documents
  • Translation of documents necessary to be able to be joined in marriage from English to

Polish (if any of the parties had been divorced, an extra fee of €80 for each document shall be payable)

  • Interpretation during the ceremony (by a sworn translator of English)
  • Interpretation during a meeting at the Registry Office / church authorities office (between 91 and 30 days before the wedding date)
  • Check with local officials / church authorities for the documents’ correctness
  • Reservation of the wedding ceremony and reception date
  • A pre-wedding meeting, when detailed tenor of the wedding day and reception is discussed and mapped out (the meeting can be held in Kraków or Wieliczka)
  • Provision of witnesses – if necessary
  • Certificate of Marriage

Price: PLN 3500

+ Obligatory fees : PLN 1000

  • A fee for the appearance of Registrar of Marriages / Priest at the place of ceremony
[mkdf_section_title position=”” title_tag=”” disable_break_words=”no” title=”Chambers, where we can organise a civil / Protestant wedding ceremony”]

Michałowice Chamber – located 109 metres underground, with intricate design of huge timber, creates breathtaking space. It is a chamber most often chosen by newly married couples. It is one of those places which stay in your memory for long.

Price of hire: PLN 1200 per 1 hour (net price)

Drozdowice Chamber – located 110 metres underground. It owes its unique character to the impressive design of white timber logs combined with a dark shade of the salt walls. Due to the chamber’s spaciousness it is a prefect venue for banquets and functions attended by large numbers of guests.

Price of hire: PLN per 1 hour (net price)

Haluszka I Chamber – is excluded from tourist flow, and is a prefect spot for a wedding reception for up to 100 guests.

Price of hire: up to 2 hours: PLN 2,500. Each subsequent hour: PLN 1,000(net price)

Haluszka II Chamber – is the smallest of the chambers where we organise wedding receptions. It is ideal for private receptions in the inner circle of closest family.

Price of hire: up to 2 hours: PLN 1,300. Each subsequent hour: PLN 600 (net price)

Warszawa Chamber – an impressive chamber being a great combination of nature and architecture. Ideal for large wedding receptions for up to 300 guests.

  • Wedding reception for up to 250 guests – up to 2 hours: PLN 4,800. Each subsequent hour: PLN 1,800.
  • Wedding reception for more than 250 guests – up to 2 hours: PLN 6,600.

Chapels where Catholic Church weddings can be organised:

The Chapel of St. Kinga – the most magnificent creation at the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Crystal chandeliers, intricately carved floor, breathtaking bas-reliefs and altars guarantee unforgettable artistic experience. A wedding at the Chapel of St. Kinga will stay in the Happy Couple and their guests’ memory long after it’s over.

Price of hire:

  • 1 hour, with reception in the mine – PLN 2,600
  • 1 hour, without reception in the mine – PLN 5,200  (net price)

The Chapel of St. John – a tiny shrine with beautiful, wooden decorations. It is ideal for an intimate wedding for up to 40 guests.

Price of hire: 1 hour – PLN 1,200 (net price)


There are many options to match the menu to the wedding reception’s nature, both in the form of smorgasbord and sitting dinner.

A sample menu:

  • Aperitif
  • Appetiser
  • Soup
  • Main dish
  • Dessert
  • Cold buffet
  • Hot buffet
  • Cake
  • Alcohol-free beverages