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Wedding in a fairytale style palace | Wedding in Poland

Wedding in a fairytale style palace

Romantic wedding in the silesian palace


Wedding organized in the most romantic venue of the Valley of Palaces and Gardens will be once-in-a-lifetime experience you and your guests will not forget.
Welcome in the charming and unique Palace for your romantic ceremony. It’s one of the most peaceful and romantic places in the Lower Silesia. This historic estate with it’s restored interiors, an unique decor of the hotel rooms, an exquisite cuisine and an intimate atmosphere offers a stunning one of a kind experience for couple and their guests.

Wedding package

  • Registration fees for wedding ceremony in a castle of Karpniki
  • An English-speaking wedding consultant’s assistance with gathering all necessary documents
  • Translation of documents necessary to be able to be joined in marriage from English to Polish (if any of the parties had been divorced, an extra fee of PLN 400 for each document shall be payable)
  • Interpretation during the ceremony (by a sworn translator of English)
  • Interpretation during a meeting at the Registry Office / church authorities office (between 91 and 30 days before the wedding date)
  • Check with local officials / church authorities for the documents’ correctness
  •  Reservation of the wedding ceremony and reception date
  • A pre-wedding meeting, when detailed tenor of the wedding day and reception is discussed and mapped out
  • Provision of witnesses – if necessary
  • Certificate of Marriage

Price: PLN 4500
+ Obligatory fees :

A fee for the appearance of Registrar of Marriages / Priest at the place of ceremony (PLN 1000)

A civil wedding can be organised in the enchanting palace French garden.
Couples of Evangelical-Augsburg Confession may choose to get married in the beautiful Wang church in Karpacz, only 15 kilometres away from Wojanów. The Wang church is a stave structure built in 12th century in Vang, Norway. In the 19th century it was transferred to Karpacz, where it still serves as a parish church.
In the case of the wedding at the church a fee of PLN 1,300 is applicable

Wedding halls

  1. Chestnut hall with winter garden – for more than 100 guests. Maximum numer of guests – 250.
  2. Wojanowska Room – for more than 60 guests. Maximum numer of guests – 100.
  3. Ball room – minimum numer of guests – 20, maximum numer of guests – 36.